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OrvisNews Photos of the Day: Snow and Rainbows on the Missouri

Written by: Wade Fellin,  Big Hole Lodge for OrvisNews

Sleep in or get on the water/ Snow be damned. The boat was already hooked up and ready to go.

All photos by Wade Fellin

Tom Murphy and I picked the boat up at Big Hole Lodge and hopped over to his parents house in Great Falls. We woke up to two inches of snow on the boat and a strong Great Falls wind.

Tom Murphy battles snow and wind to get his fly in the right spot.

Knowing full well we were crazy, the decision to float had been made days before, and we were committed come hell or high water. By the time we got the boat in the water It was 25 degrees, snowing sideways and without rowing the boat was going up river!

Tom’s big rainbow made the frozen fingers and all the difficult casting and rowing worth it.

It took us four hours to get from Wolf Creek to Craig, but the rainbow Tom boated made numb hands and feet all worthwhile.

Wade Fellin is Manager at Craig Fellin Outfitters & Big Hole Lodge.

Running From the Law Pt. 2

After Running From the Law school to the Missouri River, Tom, Paul, and I headed to the Murphy's for a healthy helping of Mrs. Murphy's famed spaghetti. It was sooooo good.

We rolled out of bed at the crack of ten and ate a leisurely breakfast the next morning, clearly attempting to prolong our study break. The river looked too good on the way home to pass up, so we didn't.

We spread out in the drizzling rain and I couldn't hear Tommy when he hooked his fish, but before I could get my line in the water I heard a victory yell from Paul.  I arrived in time to witness him fight an exceptionally acrobatic rainbow!

The growing anxiety for the week ahead drove us back to the car early, but not before we each landed a handful.

Last stop was the Missouri River Inn for a burger and slice of apple pie.  In addition to a well equipped fly shop, the restaurant boasted the world's only fly dispensing cigarette machine!