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Wildlife Showcase of a Healthy Southwest Montana

The most spectacular and rewarding aspect of fly-fishing in Montana is knowing each time you step into the river there is a chance to intimately interact with the wildest and most beautiful creatures in the Rocky Mountains.  This summer has been particularly spectacular and we at Big Hole Lodge want to close our season by sharing a few of our favorite moments from our untamed backyard. Southwest Montana is healthy and flourishing!




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unnamed-1_MG_410210460262_10152404138197620_515361497023343886_n 10368215_10152475696012620_2520147587230546517_n   10653332_10152475693327620_8187220504057801051_n 10675521_980314399959_3255294140442966892_n 10696162_980001716579_5080249296106258490_nThank you to all who joined us this summer! We are deflating the rafts, battening down the hatches for the coming snow, and eagerly awaiting an even more incredible year in 2015. We hope to spend it with you!

Tight lines,

Craig, Wade, Lanette, and the entire Big Hole Lodge staff.


Fall Fishing Report: Streamers in the Shallows

Tom Murphy strayed from his beloved Missouri to investigate the state of the browns on the Big Hole.  Using an articulated Christmas ornament, he has determined they are hungry, mean, and preparing to spawn!


This skinny old brown ate in still water in front of the boat ramp before we had the anchor up!


Soon after, the below pictured fish hit "harder than a northern pike!"



We knew it would be nothing short of greedy to continue fishing after landing a hog like that, but after a summer on the was just too much fun to stop!





The sky was dark, the wind was up, and the temps were chilly, but the fishing was HOT!


What offseason? BHL's Guides are Fishin!

For BHL's guides, the offseason has been over for quite sometime and spring training is in full swing.  Chuck R. spent January through March chasing trout in New Zealand and is now in West Yellowstone.  Later this week Lanette will join him on the Firehole and Madison Rivers.

Rick R. (pictured above) and Chuck P. have been working out on the Big Hole, rowing through high water and making mental notes on the whereabouts of this years Hogs.  According to Rick, fishing has been fishing, with some days producing a lot of fish and some days proving to be tough.  He and Chuck have been throwing mostly streamers this week.

The rain/snow continues to hit the high country, but so far the river is holding up with decent clarity.  The Beaverhead has reportedly been fishing very well also.

Weekend Warriors, this is your time

Big Hole River Fishing Report

  • Water Flow:  1,140 cfs
  • Water Temp:  39 degrees
  • Visibility: 3 feet
  • Weather:  High 34 today, cloudy

The warm weather last week brought the water up and discolored it a bit, but as you can see from the chart below the cold weather this week has halted the snow melt.  I expect this even plateau in cubic feet per second to continue through the weekend.  It's going to be cold today but it will warm up to the 40's and 50's Saturday and Sunday.

Because the water got so cold last night, fishing will start later today.  I recommend skwala nymphs and streamers in the morning when the water is cold and skwala dries in the afternoon as it warms up.  Fishing has been hot this week so get out there!

Skwala pattern