Hope you got out there before the melt! River is on the rise

After fishing Monday, we reported that the river was in good shape. This is no longer the case at the moment! The warm weather this week has brought out a lot of low snow and the river has temporarily (we hope) blown out.  Fish with big bugs and get em tight to the bank! 

Water flow: 1,950 cfs
Visibility: 12 inches
Water temperature at mid-day: 42 Degrees F
Water condition: Off-color 
Best time of day to fish: 1:00-4:00 PM
Best stretch: Jerry Creek- Dewey
Best access point: Dewey
Dry Fly fishing in order of importance:
Nymphs in order of importance:
Girdle bugs, yellow streamers, black wooly buggers
Fish species: Trout
Fishing season: Spring
Nearest airport: Butte
Recommended fly fishing leader: 9 Foot Leader
Recommended fly fishing tippet: 3X Tippet
Best fly fishing rod9′ 6 Weight Fly Rod
Best floating fly lineDouble Taper Trout Fly Line
Best sinking fly lineStreamer Stripper Sink Tip Fly Line

Craig’s Tip of the Week:

Leaders are probably the most overlooked pieces of equipment that we use on the trout stream. I finely tapered leader either knotless or knotted will turn your fly over with ease assuming you make a good cast and match the right sized tippet with the fly you’re fishing. For example you’d use a 3x tippet if you’re fishing #10 hoppers in the wind, or you’d use a 6x tippet fishing a #20 baetis imitation in a slow pool. What wouldn’t work would be a 5x tippet attached to a #12 Royal Wulff. Another mistake many fly fishers make is using a leader that has been snipped off numerous times during the day adding new tippet to the point where the taper on the leader has been compromised. When this happens, the fly doesn’t land where its intended to, and you spend a critical moment or two searching for your fly on the water and inviting a missed strike. Use a well tapered leader each time you step in the water.

Check back weekly for updated reports!