Chris Winter Will Live On Through The Big Hole River

Dear friends and family of the Big Hole River,
Chris Winter was an avid fly fisherman, a conservationist, a ranch enthusiast and a loving father.  Last month he was taken from us.  

Chris WinterChris' family has passed on these words:

The Big Hole Valley in Montana has been a very special place to Chris and his family for many years. Beginning in 1988, they spent summer vacations on a ranch near Wisdom, Montana; a stretch of the Big Hole River flows just outside their small cabin. Chris was an avid fly fisherman, devoted to outwitting the wily trout of the Big Hole River. His time fishing on the Big Hole offered a peaceful retreat, a sanctuary for renewal. And, this is where he taught his daughters the art of fly fishing.

chris and nic

Chris was quite taken with ranch life and he was proud of the ranching skills his daughters honed over the years. Chris was known as “Chuck Wagon Dad”, supporting his daughters as they worked side by side with local cowboys, who generously shared their expertise and taught them to rope and brand calves, doctor sick animals, mend fences and drive cattle.

big hole

Given the wonderful memories and good times associated with this very special place, Chris’ daughters feel that furthering the important work of the Big Hole River Foundation would be a fitting tribute to Chris… so that he will live on through the waters of this amazing place that he loved so dearly. And, they will carry on the traditions created in Montana with their father, most importantly… pursuit of wily trout lurking in the Big Hole.

On behalf of Chris, we thank you for your contribution to the Big Hole River Foundation.  Donations may be made through the PayPal link above or checks or money orders can be sent to: BHRF, PO Box 3894, Butte, MT 59702.