Spring in Montana, when the sun is out it's go time

I left the ski boots on the dryer this weekend, got my two weight out and headed to the Wise River.  It was cold but felt great to be back in the water.  On Saturday afternoon the sun came out and the temperature warmed up to 50 degrees.  Though a hatch was not visible, the fish were looking up for small dry flies in the slow pools.  I fished until the sun slipped behind the nearby mountain.

On Sunday, I woke up early and checked the area snow reports.  Maverick, 3 inches.  Lost Trail, 6 inches.  Bridger Bowl, 9 inches.   I looked at my swollen right knee and went back to bed.  I decided skiing could wait a week until the knee heals, besides a good walk along the Wise River would loosen it up!  I went out with my 2 wt. after lunch and was met with a stiff winter wind and 30 degree air temps.  No dry fly action but they were chasing small streamers in the deep water.  I had to stop and clean the ice out of my guides every third cast and rub my hands back to life every fifth. But it was well worth it.  The fish look well fed and healthy going into the spring, in fact one rainbow I caught was shaped like a football!

Today the sun is out but it is incredibly windy.  They are calling for another big winter storm later in the week so Dad and I will try to sneak the boat out to the Big Hole before it hits.  Hopefully i'll have some spring fish pics later this week!




Take care,